Being apart of 10K was a huge undertaking with a lot to accomplish on a small budget. This project originally started as a film about the artists creating original content for Crescent Heights property Ten Thousand in Culver City, LA. A few months later it morphed into a full stylized narrative commercial film shoot to capture what life can be like living in Ten Thousand.

Collaborating with Creative Director Spilios Gianakopolos was very special. His eye for simplicity in visuals and story helped make this all come together. What turned into a 10 min film about artists creating content for this new real estate venture, has now turned into 9 individual and unique pieces showcasing what it’s like to live at Ten Thousand. 1 main lifestyle film, 3 artist films, and 4 short independently themed films: Views, Amenities, Service and Fitness.

Client: Ten Thousand 

Developer: Crescent Heights Real Estate

Director of Photography / Editing: Mike Giardino

Talent: Katie Rayle

This project was produced by Venture Filmworks